About Atlantique

The community of Atlantique is secluded from its neighboring towns due to thick sandy paths that are extremely difficult to traverse by bike. The residents of Atlantique enjoy a serenity unlike anywhere else on Fire Island because of its limited accessibility.

The easiest way to visit Atlantique is by ferry, water taxi, or personal boat. Residents of this community and/or the township of the Town of Islip are able to dock their boats at the Town of Islip Marina. The marina has 159 boat slips (first come first serve) as well as bathhouses for boaters and beachgoers. In addition to the marina there is a great playground for kids, and a little beachside concession stand, commonly referred to as “The Shack.”

Captain's Tip

The Shack cranks out great food and drinks, perfect for a day or night at the beach, and often has live music.


Ferry service to and from Atlantique is available by Fire Island Ferries from Bay Shore. Click here for schedules.

Water Taxi service is available to and from Atlantique during in-season operation.

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