Season parking is available Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 for misc. applications. Click Here for more information and to apply.

Parking fills up fast during the summer season. Be sure to leave enough time to find parking prior to your trip time. Below is a list of parking lots in and around the Fire Island Ferries terminals. The map at the bottom of the page shows the location of our terminals and auxilary parking.

Avoid Parking Delays

We recommend using public transportation or Uber to get to the ferry terminals.

Ferry tickets are available for purchase in the Uber app to help streamline your travels.

Shuttles are available (for a fee through David's Taxi) from the Bay Shore train station.


Parking located at the terminals are available on a first come basis. Parking does fill quickly during the summer season. Be sure to leave enough time to allow for the additional time required to find alternative lots.

Rates (All rates are per calendar day)

$25Weekend(Fri-Sun & Holidays)
$75Full Weekend(Fri, Sat & Sun)
$125Full Week(7 Consecutive Days)
$495Monthly(30 Consecutive Days)

Terminal Lots

  • 1 Main Terminal (Gate 1, 99 Maple Ave.)
  • 2 West Terminal (Gate 2, 104 Maple Ave.)
  • 3 Salatire Terminal (Gate 3)

Auxilary Parking

Auxilary parking lots are managed by outside entities including the Town of Islip and private owners. Pricing varies by location. Please be advised that the information provided below may change at anytime without notice to us or this page.


For auxilary parking lots, rates vary depending on the lot. Most municipal lots are pay per hour.

Auxilary Lots

  • 4 Maple Ave. Marina (121 Maple Ave.)
  • 5 Maple Ave. Dock Municipal Lot (End of Maple Ave.)
  • 6 Gibson Municipal Lot (Field 13, Gibson Street)
  • 7 Gibson Municipal Lot (Field 14, Gibson Street)
  • 8 Mechanicsville Municipal Lot (Field 7, Mechanicsville Rd.)
  • 9 Bay Shore Train Station (4th Ave.)