About Fire Island

Even though it’s only a short distance from Manhattan, Fire Island is a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Boasting 32 miles of pristine beaches, Fire Island offers visitors an escape from mainland pressures with beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches, calming views of the Great South Bay, and access to peaceful wilderness.

Fire Island has remained an unspoiled oasis for city folk and Long Islanders alike thanks to the efforts of its various communities, the Fire Island National Seashore, and the National Park Services.

Fire Island

Besides enjoying the beach, Fire Island visitors can experience fine dining in several of the communities, a unique night life, a walk through a majestic holly forest, and even climb to the top of the Fire Island Lighthouse.

There are seventeen communities on Fire Island. Each has its own unique personality which adds to the wonder of the island. Several of the communities are strictly residential while others have restaurants, shops, marinas, and playgrounds catering to both homeowners and visitors alike. Many of the communities are accessible by ferry or private boats, but all enjoy a car free lifestyle, using bikes and wagons as the primary means of transportation.

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