Fire Island Business Directory

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Albatross631-583-5697Ocean Beach
Blue Whale631-597-6500F.I. Pines
Bubba's Burrito Bar631-650-6333Islip
Castaway631-583-0330Ocean Beach
CJ's631-583-9890Ocean Beach
Casino Cafe631-597-6150Davis Park
Flynn's631-583-5000Ocean Bay Park
Frank and Maria's Italian Pork Store631-665-0047Bay Shore
Hideaway631-583-8900Ocean Beach
Houser's631-583-8900Ocean Beach
Ice Castle631-583-0225Ocean Beach
Island Mermaid631-583-8088Ocean Beach
Kismet Inn631-583-5592Kismet
Le Dock631-583-5200Fair Harbor
Maguire's631-583-8800Ocean Beach
Mallory Square631-589-8628Sayville
Matthew's Seafood House631-583-8016Ocean Beach
Mitsui Japanese Restaurant631-630-9890Bay Shore
Nicky's Clam Bar631-665-6621Bay Shore
Nicky's on the Bay631-206-3311Bay Shore
Pavillion631-597-6500F.I. Pines
Pines Bistro631-597-6862F.I. Pines
Pines Pizza631-597-3597F.I. Pines
Rachel's Bakery631-583-9552Ocean Beach
Saltaire Yacht Club631-583-5117Saltaire
Sand Bar631-583-0388Ocean Beach
Schooner Inn631-583-8498Ocean Bay Park
Scoops631-583-5697Ocean Beach
Sip N' Twirl631-597-3599F.I. Pines
Surf's Out631-583-7400Kismet
The Ice Palace631-597-6600Cherry Grove
The Landing Bistro631-583-5800Ocean Beach
The Pier at Watch Hill631-597-9060Watch Hill
The Pizza Place631-583-0351Ocean Bay Park
Top Of The Bay631-597-6699Cherry Grove
Town Pizza631-583-7774Ocean Beach
Tula Kitchen631-539-7183Bay Shore
Dockside Pizza631-583-0303Ocean Beach
The Dunes631-583-0180Ocean Beach
Taco Beach631-583-5700Ocean Beach